12‐Month Warranty from date of delivery.

Please note the following:
Wood products are beautiful, the natural material is susceptible to expanding and contracting due to temperature and moisture (rain and humidity) based on location, exposure to the elements and environment. The natural state of steel is vulnerable to oxidation with exposure to the moisture (rain and humidity). We provide a quality‐built product, and we offer finishes with a warranty to protect the wood and metal. The customer is responsible to understand the warranty, make sure that your application, location, and environment are conducive to wood and/or steel products. Serious Craftsmanship is not responsible for changes in products or finishes (warping, separating, splitting, expanding, contracting, rusting, or fading) due to these conditions.

The 12‐month warranty covers manufacturer’s defects or failures of functionality to perform but does not cover damage or breakdown due to exposure to the elements. The warranty does not cover finishes, cosmetic discoloration, improper installation, or normal wear.

    • Warping is defined as a surface that is out of alignment of more than 1/2″ over an 8’ length.
    • Primed and/or unfinished products do not have a warranty against warping, separating, or splitting. These products are shipped at your request literally “not finished” or completed. We cannot be responsible for how an unfinished (not completed) product responds to the environmental conditions to which it is exposed.
  • Recommendations
    • Please finish/seal your unfinished product immediately. Changes in climate, temperature and humidity can cause products that are not finished to warp, separate, or split.
    • It is strongly advised that customers finish/seal all 6 sides of an unfinished product within 3 days of receiving to reduce the likelihood of an issue.
    • Incorrect finishing can also cause warping, separating, or splitting, which is why we highly encourage our customers to allow us to finish and ship their project in its finished state.
    • Regardless how quickly it is finished, if a product ships from Serious Craftsmanship unfinished, there is no warranty protection for warping, separating, or splitting.
    • Chopping/cutting boards‐ oil monthly, more as needed. Food grade mineral oil or Howard Butcher block oil.
    • Wide plank countertops or tables‐ Follow finish manufacturers procedures to clean and maintain finish. Only use approved cleaner.
  • Due to the nature of product updates and revisions, including finishes and textures, if a product is replaced under warranty, it may be necessary to replace it with a similar or comparable product if the exact option is no longer available. We reserve the right to refund the purchase price.

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Our fearless leader installing a handle on a door🛠️

White oak door with @rubiomonocoatusa Mist😍
Here’s a lil peak at what it looks like when we’re setting up a door! This door is white oak with @rubiomonocoatusa Mist for the finish!😍

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Haven’t had a door in here in awhile!😍 

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You guys get to see Kendl a lot. Here is a photo of our fearless leader @acmckaig after a custom table we worked on this week🤓happy Thursday!

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